District Health & Family Welfare Society

(Government of Uttarakhand Department of Medical Health & Family Welfare)

Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance program was launched by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India in the year 2013 to meets the need of Public Health System in the country. This program was initiated to improve the poor quality of health care services in public health facilities. Regular assessment of health facilities by their own staff and state and ‘action-planning’ for traversing the observed gaps is the way in improving the quality of health care services in our health facilities.

The Operational Guidelines on Quality Assurance along with standards and checklist have been prepared to facilitate the states in improving and sustaining quality services at our health facilities. By improving the quality of services would enhance satisfaction level among users of the Government health facilities and reposing trust in Public Health System. On the basis of these standards and checklist the public health facilities are assessed by trained assessors and those facilities which fulfill the criteria will be awarded state and National level QA Certification.